03 Jun

4 Simple Ways to Improving Health as a Caregiver

  1. Exercising on a Time Crunch
  • Walk 30 minutes a day. Split it up into three 10-minute walks.
  • Go walk up and down the stairs.
  • Squats after brushing your teeth. Start with one squat and increase by one each day.
  • Do a 30 second plank 3 times.
  • Choose 1-2 stretches to perform twice a day.
  • Take a 20-minute swim and do some laps.
  • Have a friend come over and exercise together.
  • Get a workout video to guide you.
  1. Start with Breakfast
  • Get a solid meal in before the day gets away from you.
  • Snowball effect! Skip meal now = overeat later
  • Overnight oats or pre-prepared
  • Hard-boiled egg and fruit
  • Greek yogurt and fruit
  • Protein shake
  • Banana and peanut butter (2 tbsp)
  • Half bagel with 2 tbsp cream cheese
  • Half avocado spread on 2 pieces toast
  1. 1 Minute Healthy Dinners
  • Freshly
  • Amy’s Burritos
  • Avocado with salt and pepper + tuna package
  • Hummus and carrots or pita bread
  • Already cooked rotisserie chicken with lettuce, cheese, salsa in corn tortilla
  • PB&J sandwich (try replacing the jelly for a banana)
  • Protein shake (milk, protein powder, any fruit, oats)
  1. Snacks on The Fly
  • Having healthy snacks on-hand that you love is essential.
  • Convert your car glove compartment to a snack compartment.
  • Bottle of water, beef jerky, nuts/trail mix, protein powder, dried fruit, popcorn (already popped), Triscuits, Kind Bar, granola bar, whole grain pretzels, Cheerios, rice cakes, sunflower seeds

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